European Digital Credentials for Learning: from paper based to digitally signed credentials

Thursday, September 15, 2022 3:45 PM to 4:15 PM · 30 min. (Europe/Berlin)
Learning & Development Stage


European Digital Credentials for Learning (EDC) are electronically sealed, EU standard-compliant digital records issued to a person to certify the learning they have undertaken. They can be awarded for formal education, non-formal training, online courses, volunteering experiences and more. Education and training providers can freely use the EDC Platform to award degrees, diplomas, certificates of participation or other credentials to their learners. In turn, learners are empowered to share their multilingual temper-evident verifiable credentials with chosen third parties, e.g. prospective employers, to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, competences and qualifications, irrespective of the source of their acquisition. EDCs can be sent to learners by email or by direct deposit into their standard-compliant (e.g. Europass) wallets. The European Commission presents the tool, use cases and benefits for educational institutions, employers and learners.

Participants of this event can receive a demo digital credential for their participation. If you are interested to receive it, please add your Email and/or Europass wallet ID via this link or visit the National Europass Center in Hall 4.1, Stand I.58!

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